Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I am officially looking for someone to be my Kick PCOS in the Ass Buddy who has all the intention but no motivation of eating properly and exercising. Virtual support is no good because as soon as I log off the computer my motivation switches off too. I need someone I can meet up with and we can exercise together. I am good at motivating others but not myself and I will make sure that I attend planned exercise

I like the gym, swimming, vibro plates, cycling and exercise classes. I hate running!! I wouldn’t mind trying that Zumba thing everyone is banging on about..

I want to lose weight for mental stability, that I am within my BMI, to be healthy and losing weight will increase my chances of conceiving. You see I have the right intention I just can’t motivate myself...

I am located in Erdington, Birmingham, UK if you are nearby and need a buddy please contact me!!

SS x

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