Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I Want a Flat Stomach!!

I’m on a mission to get a flat stomach ready for my beach holiday in September. So how the hell do I go about it because everybody keeps telling me different things and also I need something simple, not time consuming techniques that I can fit into my busy everyday life (Really, I’m a lazy bugger).

It is all over the news here in the UK, one paper wrote “More than half of British women have waists that are larger than the recommended healthy size, experts say.  Researchers from the charity Nuffield Health say overweight women risk an increased chance of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, infertility and cancer.  The researchers found the average waist measurement for women is 84.9cm (33.43in), compared with the healthy size of 80cm (31.49in).  Dr Deniszczyc, professional head of physicians and diagnostics at Nuffield Health, said: "Fat being stored around the waist can contribute to significant health issues, such as breast cancer and infertility."
My waist is currently 38” and I look about 4 months pregnant all the time and by the end of the day I look about 6 months. It’s so depressing because I know that with a flat stomach I would look hot, nice and curvy. I don’t want to be skinny again because I hated it. I wear clothes from a UK 14–16 on the bottom and 16-18 on the top. I would like to be a 12-14 bottom and 14-16 top but all toned with no muffin tops loool. I look like a thinish cyster due to my height but I suffer the effects of PCOS badly due to the extra weight I carry.

So today is the 3rd July 2012 and my holiday is on the 19th September 2012, so not long now (Woo Hoooo!!!). I am not buying any clothes because the aim is to drop a dress size so I’m saving for my big fat shopping spree in my sexy new clothes :-)!!

Okay so you have probably all guessed already that I am a research freak so my lazy techniques are going to consist of the following. Drinking lots of water, a min of 2 litres per day, taking a Chromium supplement, buying a weighted hula hoop, lots of planking (I hate sit ups, prefer to plank), going for at least three long walks per week and no junk food now until after my holiday (that’s going to be the hardest…eek)

1. Water - Drinking plenty of water is crucial if you have PCOS. It helps to keep hormone systems working. Water helps to lubricate parched tissue and helps fibre in your food swell and perform its function. It helps your liver to break down and excrete toxins and for your glands to secrete the correct balance of hormones. Drinking more water will also stop your body from retaining it thus reducing abdominal bloating. Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses a day.

2. Chromium - A small study of six women with PCOS and insulin resistance showed encouraging results with chromium supplementation. These women took 1000 mcg of chromium picolinate for two months, at which time their glucose disposal (insulin sensitivity) had improved by an average of 35%, and their baseline insulin levels fell by 22%. This is the only study we've found that deals specifically with PCOS. (I personally always see a difference when I take Chromium but since I have been researching, I didn’t realise that I wasn’t taking enough so I have increased my does to 1000 mcg instead of the 200 mcg I was on… I don’t have metformin so this is a substitute which has the same effect.)

3. Weighted Hula Hoop - Hula hooping requires effort from some of the biggest muscles in the body. These muscles require a significant amount of energy, so it forces the body to burn fat stores. Hula hooping works out several of your body’s core muscles. It strengthens and tones these muscles. Muscles that can be toned by hula hooping include: glutes, thighs, hips, legs, knees and abdomen. In addition, you can twirl a hula hoop with your arms to tone your shoulders and forearms. Hula hooping with heavier hoops can provide additional resistance to tone these muscles faster.

Hula hooping is such a low impact exercise that just about anyone can use it to increase their endurance and general fitness level. Even just 10 minutes of hula hooping can provide enough benefit to your body to increase aerobic activity. Hula hooping is so effective as an aerobic workout that an hour of hula hooping can help you burn just as many calories as the same length of time of an intense workout, such as the treadmill. For those unable to perform serious aerobic exercises due to health reasons, hula hooping can be their gateway to better health. (Just ordered one from eBay £14.99!!)

4. Planking - We all want to have flat tummies and gorgeous abs. Planking exercise is one of the best abs exercises, according to the Fitness Magazine. Planking exercise develops the abs and the muscles inner thighs, glutes, hamstrings and our quads. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime and can be performed even without equipment. Planking exercise is better and more effective than doing a hundred crunches a day.

Planking exercise is done by positioning the entire body like a wooden plank. This exercise promotes core stability, strength and endurance. Doing planking exercise trains our abdominals, backs and butts. Depending on how you support your planks, you will also be strengthening the muscles of your arms in the process. The more you perform planking exercise, the faster you develop our abs and firm your thighs. All you need to do is hold this position for 60 seconds and repeat three times or if your stronger instead of using your elbows use your hands.

5. Walking - Complicated aerobic exercises can have a great effect on personal fitness. But so, too, can something as simple as walking. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh revealed that overweight people who walked briskly for 30-60 minutes a day lost weight even if they didn’t change any other lifestyle habits. I plan to do a brisk walk at least 3 times a week.

6. Eating Better – I’ll save this for another blog, but basically I’m just going to cut down and cut out a few things, nothing drastic as I don’t want my body going into shock lool.

So I if I keep doing all six in theory I should have a flatter stomach come September but I will let you know how I get on later.

Wish me luck as I am already struggling as I am thinking about ordering a pizza :-(


  1. How is it going with weight loss? I am a new reader of your blog. I have PCOS too. My blog is http://faithnpixiedust.blogspot.com if you wanna follow me too. :)

  2. Ooh I might give the hulk hoop thing a go too! Is it hard work? I hate exercise too, have no patience with the gym. I now walk instead of catching the bus (i don't drive) but I've never shifted the belly!
    Good luck, looking forward to hear how it's going xx

  3. So far it's not going too good!! I am PMS'ing at the moment so it's really hard to control my emotions and I am craving sweet stuff all the time and my appetite is ridiculous... Grrrrrr

    Just looked in the mirror and my ass is huge!! Hmmmmm?? :-(

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  5. Since PCOS symptoms are interrelated with insulin levels, diet is extremely important and can make a huge difference to reduce symptoms and shed excess weight. Going sugar free or just cutting down your sugar intake will make a huge difference to your moods and help you shed excess weight in a short amount of time. Regular exercise is also essential in dealing with hormone levels and will help immensely. I'm a sufferer of PCOS and going on a no sugar, low carb, high protein diet, and excising regularly has made such a huge difference! I have shed a decent amount of weight in a short amount of time and am keeping it off, my moods are soo much more stable and I have so much more energy. It's hard to make big changes in your life but once you get into a routine it gets so much easier and the benefits far outweigh the initial difficulty.

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